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Paris, France, July 2
We flew from Barcelona to Paris on an airline called Easyjet, (which I DON'T recommend and here's why) and then were able to take the train to the apartment we rented through, on a street, Rue Montorgueil, which is in the middle of a lot of activity.
At the time this picture was taken, it was relatively early, but that street was bustling with cafe's, smoking, and (drum roll), French people!
Our first order of business was to get some food, and although not speaking French made the experience more daunting, Merle would just point and ask for what she wanted.  
We were staying walking distance to the Louvre, so we went to look at it.  Here's one of the courtyards in this building that clearly used to be some sort of palace.
Merle said the tip of the pyramid was sharp.
Merle has a cousin Anna who lives in Paris, and her husband Anton offered to take me on a little motorcycle ride.  We saw all the sights in about an hour as I held on for my life!!
Eiffel Tower at night...
still very impressive.
Although France gave the US our Statue of Liberty in 1886, America gave one back to France in 1889, but a smaller version.
So, is that like bringing a bottle of wine to someone's  house for dinner, and then they come to your house with half left in the bottle?
We did a drive by for
the Arc de Triomphe
...the Moulin Rouge theater,
...and to Notre Dame.
Anton was obviously very comfortable on his motorcycle, as he was weaving in and out between the cars, and passing by going in the opposite lane of traffic (which I saw lots of scooters do while we were there).  I noted the speed limit said 50 while his speedometer said 80. We went in the tunnel where Princess Di died as he told me, "Don't worry, we won't die!"  
I just kept thinking how I'd explain any fracture that might occur, wondering what it would be like to experience the French health care system.... But...we made it. 
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