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Sacramento, Lake Tahoe, September 1-5, 2011

We arrived Thursday 9/1 in Sacramento just in time to meet my sister Lori for lunch at the Tower cafe where they had nice food and plants and sunlight.   Even fresh oxygen...woo hoo!

We were then off to Lake Tahoe, where we were invited to a dee-lish barbeque at the neighbors next door. 

As I wondered about the etiquette about taking pictures at someone else's dinner party, I took a minute when they were talking about bears to set up the camera with the timer and say "Hey, look over there!"  While everyone was looking for a bear, the camera flashed. 

Alas, no bear  :(

Next morning (Friday), while everyone sleeps in until like 10 or 11, we on east coast time are up, here hanging out in the great room.
It was a perfect day, weatherwise, here as we take advantage again of the timer on the camera to capture both of us from the pier, although I had to use a special setting to tone down the whiteness of my legs.
...while Merle communes with the daisies.
Until it's time for some bouncing on the trampoline!  Yipee!
Later that evening, we had the neighbors over for some visiting, wine, cheese, and a little salsa dancing exhibition by Paula and Paco.

Sat am, after we wait for everyone to get up from their beauty sleep again, we get to go on a boat ride on Lake Tahoe.

Here, Merle supervises the co-pilot and pilot, Paula and Bud, respectively.

okay, you can take my picture too....
Here, Emiliano, Paco, Merle, and I chill in the back of the boat
we go all gansta.

Sitting in a power boat as it rides along is hard work!  Here we stop for some lunch in a local cove.


Very nice!

Saturday night dinner on the pier.


It was a terrible burden to bear, but we suffered through it.

Sunday, back in Sacramento, we had a chance to visit with some bros from UCLA fraternity days in ZBT, Ben Goldwyn and Bob Eiselman.

Turns out, Ben (an ENT doc) knows my sister and her kids very well and even saw my nephew Eli as a patient...AND, Bob lives like four blocks from my sister.   Small world!

Monday am, before leaving, some quick pics before my camera battery dies.  Maybe I should give people time to smile before pushing the button.
Here's my little nephew Eli, who's not so little anymore.
...then back to Albany.
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