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Visit to San Francisco and Sacramento

June 15-20, 2011

We arrived at SFO, I put Merle on the BART to go see her friends and eat filipino food in the East Bay area, and I headed down to Santa Clara and Salinas to visit with the Pompans.  I got to see Josh play (did pretty well!!) and discuss the meaning of life with Don who summarized it in two words:  Bruce Springsteen.

The next day, I waded through the San Jose traffic to make it to Alamo, CA, to meet up with old buds from UCLA ZBT, Ron Kardos and Bruce Licht.  Bruce has a boat on a man made fresh water lake, Lake Berryessa, and took us out for the day.
Here, Ron and I practice our beer commercial.

Ron, Bruce, and me, and in case anyone is wondering, that's a camera in my pocket....


It was a fabulous day!

I even got up on the wakeboard.
At least long enough for the photo op!

Outside the wake even! 

Woo hoo!!


One benefit of going mid week was that there were very few other boats around.

The moral here is that you can't give Ron both the camera AND a beer.

I stayed over at Bruce's house on Thursday, got to meet his son Brian and visit again with his wife Kim, who hasn't aged a day since undergrad days at UCLA.


Who needs a photographer with that timer feature on the camera!

Friday, I got to meet up with high school friend Harry Jacobs at his office in downtown SF.  What would a day be there without some sort of protest in front of a government building!!
We got some lunch, and Harry probably looks serious as he ponders whether our waitress is in need of legal aid.
In a brief walk around the area of Harry's office, we encountered some city art.  Here, this statue called "Ecstacy" is from the Burning Man festival and is made of rusted metal parts and chains, and was actually quite impressive...and fairly anatomically correct!

Later that evening (Friday), we got to visit with my brother David and his bf Jeffrey, and towards the back of the table, my sister Lori and her son Eli who had just graduated from high school.  Lori and Eli were in San Francisco for Eli's orientation to SF State for college.  (location:  Spenger's Fish Grotto, Berkeley, CA)

Next am, we get to it in Lori's backyard, taking an ax to some significant plant growth.  Those plants should know better than to stand in the way of Merle and her ax.


The scene was even so fearsome, David had to cover part of the lens to protect his camera.

What better way to unwind after yardwork than with a burger at a funky restaurant in Old Sacramento.  Afterwards, we visited a place called Candy Heaven...and it was! 


With free samples!!


(two per customer, restrictions apply...)

Saturday evening, we went to the Sacramento minor league baseball game, to see the Rivercats of Sacto play the Fresno Grizzlies.  Emily brought along her two friends (on left).


Although the Rivercats were not victorious, I felt it was a victory to be outside and not be swatting gnats or mosquitos.

The sibs.
These iphones take good pictures!!
Next day, Sunday, we drove to Berkeley, took BART into the city, and met up with cousin Merle (same spelling as Merle but pronounced Merle....oh, forget it!!) and his wife Gina to visit and walk around a festival in the North Beach area.

We were supposed to meet up at this church.


I'm still trying to decide which is tilted, the angle of the camera, or the city???

A great group pic, except we caught Merle with his mouth full.  I'm certain he won't mind my pointing that out.

After the goodbye's in the park, Merle and I took a stroll across the city, a little jaunt that turned out to be about three miles, with me walking backward half the time looking for a cab, but eventually made it to the St. Francis Yacht Club (no, we didn't bring our own yacht) to meet up with Steve Pascal and his son Daniel (a nationally ranked sailor!) for a ride across the bay to Oakland.   Here, Merle takes the wheel.

It was a little choppy on the SF Bay, but there's always time for a picture, especially with the Golden Gate Bridge in the background.
We had a chance to catch up and visit with Danna and Steve and Daniel, first at a tapas restaurant, then we went for ice cream that was so good there was a line that backed up all the way past the street musician.  Now that's some ice cream!!
Then, alas, back to the grind on Monday.
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