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Springfield, MA  January 24-27, 2008

Cast of characters for the visit included (starring as themselves):

Sandi Mainwarring as the mother

Mark Wolgin as older brother

Merle Santos as girlfriend


We visited David and Van to see their production of Music Man,


Directed by Van Farrier, Choreography by David Wolgin

We got to spend some time with David and Van.

Here, David demonstrates, with some help from the Barefoot Contessa, his techniques for a Mexican Chicken soup. 


Note he pours out the exact amount of Mexican Chicken Soup mix.

Smelling good!!
Not so candid camera.

Since we were up in Massachussets, we had to visit our friends from Greenville, MS, anesthesiologists Dr. Henry Godek and his wife, Dr. Jo Travis.


They have a family farm where wild blueberries are grown, covering 75 acres, in Heath, MA.  It was quite rural.


We visited them last in October '04, and they were building their house.

Now, however, the house is done and it is very nice! 
They live on a mountaintop, and there are views from every room!
It was a little chillier than it was last time we saw them....
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