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Alaskan Cruise

August 20-27, 2007

Princess Cruise Line, Coral Princess

with a group of 21 friends and family members


The itinerary involved flying to Anchorage (stayed one night), then went on tour bus to Whittier to board the ship on 8/20.

8/21:  at sea, visited College Fiord

8/22:  at sea, visited Glacier Bay

8/23:  Skagway

8/24:  Juneau

8/25:  Ketchikan

8/26:  at sea

8/27:  leave ship in Vancouver, BC.

When we left temperatures of 105 and humid in Georgia, it was hard to imagine having to dress for cooler weather.


 Photographic credits go also to Aunt Gloria.  She let me download her photos so I could pick and choose...and then use photoshop to make myself look better. 

No Taco Bells out here! 

8/19:  Arrive at airport at Anchorage, share a ride into town with Aunt Gloria, Uncle Arthur, Lydia (Gloria's neighbor) and Zach (Lydia's grandson).

We spend the first night at a bed and breakfast, The Wildflower Inn.

After getting settled, we decide to do first things first:  shopping.  We found a swap meet in downtown Anchorage for Alaskan swag. 
Uncle Arthur was very happy to find a hat for $5.00...until he found one later for $2.99....
We meet up with cousins Brenda and Steve and their kids at their hotel, the Sheraton, where they had a happy hour.
Due to the latitude, we weren't anywhere near time to get dark.
Steve and Brenda. 
Andrew, Zach, Emily, Brenda, and some other people.
In keeping with the theme of cruising (where we prepare to eat before eating than then eat more), after a happy hour with many hors d'ourves, we go eat to get a taste of Alaska: 
Mexican food.
When you go shopping there, no telling how the sales people will be dressed.
We saw a show the night we got there about the Northern Lights, the Aurora Borealis, which was basically a short video followed by a 40 minute powerpoint presentation where the slides faded from one to another accompanied by soothing music. 
Given that the show was at about 940pm, which for our biologic clocks was about 140am, it was an excellent napping experience.!!
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