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More Paris Sightseeing and Lunch with Anna and Anton, July 5
Visiting the Arc de Triomphe...
and other things I saw with Anton on first night's motorcycle ride.
Adding Merle to the picture to show perspective
Under the Arc.
Merle is trying to figure out who exactly is the unknown soldier.
Then off to see the Eiffel Tower after a little food truck breakfast.
Eiffel tower closer up, from the south side.
Since it's made of iron, not surprising there's a little rust (arrows).  
I wonder who goes up there with a can of Rustoleum?
Sacre Coeur from street level.
Halfway up, the fountains.
One more flight of stairs!!
Made it!!
Woo hoo!!
Inside the main dome
For lunch, we got to meet up with Merle's cousin Anna and her new baby, and had lunch at the restaurant where Anton is the chef!
Merle says
We found that some of the best deals on souvenirs were at the foot of the Eiffell Tower, so we went there to do some shopping!
After resting some, and cleaning up, we did some more sightseeing.  Merle was also doing some souvenir shopping.  
One detail about Paris:  they don't have toilets readily available.  Part of the adventure was looking for one, and eventually we just walked into a restaurant and (gasp!) Merle used their bathroom!!
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