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Visit to New York City, July 4-7, 2013

Time to get out of town:  We decided to visit the Big Apple to check out the fireworks and see a few shows over the holiday weekend.  We stayed in New Jersey where we had a great view of the Macy's fireworks extravaganza. 


Even though we squinted really hard, we still couldn't see either Usher or Cher.  :-( 

Hard to capture the impressions of the fireworks, but here are a few pics.
The fireworks show was amazing with four separate yet completely synchronized shows on the west side of Manhattan on the Hudson.  There were many different colors and shapes, and I suspect this one was packaged by the good people at Planet Hollywood....
Next am, need to start the day with some Dunkin Donuts.
Then off to Times Square to score some theater tickets.
Walk through Central Park, stopping for a rest.
This fountain, which is been in many movies, is now in our picture collection!

There was an area near the fountain with an interesting juxtaposition of an opera singer, classical music and architecture, and the haunting echoes of the  string instruments


...and the smell of urine.

Friday matinee of Annie. 


Great show, but it took some effort to look over the people continuously texting in front us.

We visited 30 Rock, which is a big building. 
If you look way up there, you can see Tina Fey looking out to say hi!
The evening show we saw on Friday was called Once, a previous Tony Award winner for best musical.  It was great.
Saturday, Merle went to Queens to see her cousins.  Her little cousin Jaden, with his earlier picture noted on the right, is now bigger!
While Merle was in Queens, I had a chance to visit with a bud from med school, Sam (aka The Yig) Litvin. 
We had lunch at a real NY deli where they specialize in smoked fish. 
So, we had the turkey sandwich.
Saturday afternoon we were able to meet up with Merle's high school friend Eloisa, and no, we didn't eat the fish out of the tank behind us.
(it was a little warm).
Saturday evening, we were given tickets from our good friend Paula to see Matilda...
...and had front row seats that were so awesome, it made our eyes sparkle!!
Then, back to our regularly scheduled lives.
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