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Birmingham 30 Year Reunion

Sheraton Delfina Hotel, Santa Monica

June 21, 2008

Mike Povar, sold his film company, now plays tennis 4 days a week.
David McKinney.
With Gina Borgia, who started a company that makes a health bar, called the Comfort bar,
From the old 'hood, Ed Jaeger and Bob Berkery.  When did they get so tall?
Karen (Littenberg) and Fred Jacobson, who still has his winning smile.
Until this moment, I was a selfie virgin:  Julie Stern showed me how to do a self portrait, by holding out the camera and taking our own picture...
I had to go out and smoke a cigarette.
I eventually recovered to use this self portrait technique with Julie (Mayerson) Brown.
This will be the Bob Eiselman section.
With Mark Troy.
With John Horn.
Danna Gillette and Steve Pascal.  
In background, Grant Rosove, who unfortunately passed away of pancreatic cancer in 2017.
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