Merle 29...on 11/17/19!

Merle and some of her new arrival nursing friends shared a November Bday, so here's a pre-celebration.
The peeps at work met for a surprise dinner at Austins...though I think Merle was highly suspicious as she noted co workers cars in the parking lot and didn't ask any questions about why that restaurant...
Merle gets some new undergarments
Though Merle specifically said she didn't want any surprise party, it was too late.  There was already one planned with the Filipino community to occur at our friend Cynthia's house.
I'm sure it was a terrible cross to bear....
Here is the surprise captured on multiple phones!
We had to take two group pics to get everyone in...and more people came after this moment!
Finally, time for cake!!
Just like being there....
Ann brought an ube cake, which disappeared faster than a donut at a Weight Watcher's convention.
We let Merle pose with these balloons as long as she promised not to let them float up to touch the power lines.
HBD, Merls!!!
And sharing here that an Xray tech Sheila made this bulletin board in the OR at Phoebe Putney Mem Hospital, so fact is, the BD was not a secret....
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