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Visit to Sacramento to see Lori and friends and then to Lake Tahoe to see Paula L. and friends, 8/10-8/14/16
We arrived in Sacramento for quick tour of Lori's office.  
Since Merle was going to be in withdrawal from her gardening, I put her on the patch.
Lori lent us her car while she worked, and we went to the Crocker Art Museum.
This metallic work of a cowboy roping a bull was quite large and impressive.
Merle, pictured here for scale, wasn't afraid, even though her fingers were not loaded.
This oil painting was part of hyper-realism, so detailed it looked like a photograph.  
Merle wanted to buy the shoes for her friend Karen.
This collection was all of men chasing women.
I wonder if this was the porn of the day.
This picture by Irving Norman, while a large picture, had amazing detail.
Each of the little figures in the crowd was different.
This photo doesn't do it justice.
(even though shot with an iPhone!!)
This one is appropriately titled:
She both blends in and has a sad expression.
Afterwards, we met up with Lori's friends at the Blue Cue for visiting and a trivia contest.
We got...if you can't tell...third place!  Woo Hoo!
(from left:  Lori, Craig, Ben, Cherry, MW, MS, Kim, Eugene, Jim)
Next day, we went to Lake Natoma recreation center to do some kayaking and stand up paddleboarding.
Lori shows her kayaking moves.
Brother and sister.
No fighting!!
That evening, I had a chance to catch up with fraternity bros Ben and Bob
Leaving Sacramento and moving on to Lake Tahoe...
we stopped at a local arts show where they made amazing items out of local products, like redwood.
We then walked two blocks to the boat show, Concours d' Elegance, where they exhibited wood power boats.
We found the boat that Paula and Bud used to own, previously named "Mon Cherie," now renamed "Tango," still looking pretty sweet.
Then it was time to walk the two blocks back.
This is Merle exercising.
We had a few stops on the way back, to capture some of the beauty of the lake.
Back where we were staying, out on the dock with Paula, the lower water level of Lake Tahoe can be seen.
Next day, we rode bikes back to the show, but stopped for a beverage, with Paula, Salomon, and Paco.
Back at the show.
Paula strikes a pose.
Merle and I take a picture in the bright sun.
Another candid shot on our way home.
Just another day in the life....
On the way back from Tahoe to Sacramento airport, we had time for a quick breakfast with Merle's friend Myra.
(from left, MW, MS, Myra's mother, Myra, BF Eddie)
Then, back to normal life Mon am....
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