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Mom's* 80th Birthday Party, Encino, CA, 4/21/18

(*Sandi Mainwarring)

Apologies to anyone in So. Cal I didn't get to visit with. 
Merle was on call that weekend so didn't attend.
All the big names were there:  David, Cousin Brenda, Lori, Cousin Stephanie, MW, and Cousin Karen.
Here with Aunt Gloria
There was even dancing.
Below are some table pics, to hopefully show the attendees.
Steve, Brenda, Brian, Sandi, Gloria
Lana, Alex, Joey and Joe
Tracy, Sandi, Matthew
Tedi, Alexis, Lilly, Stephanie
Dara, Daniel, Sandi, Sandy
Timmy, Karen, Bob, Barbara
Ronnie, Steve, Andi, Sandi, Michele, David
Arlene, Paola, Lori, Sandi, Eli
June, Kay, Marcia and Richard
Sandi, MW, Joyce
Jan, Maxine, Geraldine
Don, Howard, Sandi, Harriet, Don, Barbara
...getting ready...
Okay, now!  Rosalyn, Neal, Marci, Sandi, Rafael
Beatrice, Gary, Louisa, Denae, Pinpin, Leo
We had pink forms at each place setting with questions like how they met Sandi, their thoughts about her, and maybe a funny story. 
Initially, we were going to read them, but then we decided to let the individual people who had the thoughts express them themselves directly!
Cousin Stephanie
Travel buddy Kay
Maxine (w assist from David)
Matthew (also w David assist!)
Grandson Eli
Cousin Brian
Alexis (also w David assist!)
A couple of Dons:  Don Rabbitt
and Don Rosman
Cousin Brenda
When it was my turn, I got a little emotional, noting that this event, surrounded by her friends and family, was one of life's moments... what better way to remember it than with a selfie!
And then we had cake.
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