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Trip to Quebec City, Canada, with Road Scholar, June 5-9, 2022

We wound up choosing this destination  since it was a little exotic, French, and something different. 
Traveling there, we met Lori in the Toronto airport, where, like a mini version of the movie The Terminal, she was at that airport for over 8 hrs.  We found her with this picture:
QB 65 Lori at D33.JPG
We stayed at a working monastery, Les Monastere des Augustines, with actual nuns.
QB 65 Monastere sign.JPG
QB 66 nuns.JPG
They provided breakfast every morning, but the nuns requested that we eat in complete silence.
QB 66 Merle shushing.JPG
QB 66 group shushing.JPG
Cast of characters:  MW, Merle, Lori, Len, David
First day June 6, we had a historical lecture, and then a guided historical tour around town.
QB 66 MW and DW in front of Parliament building.JPG
QB 66 L and M at Institut Canadien.JPG
QB 66 fountain and parliament.JPG
We stopped for lunch at the famous Quebec landmark:  Hotel Frontenac.
QB 66 outside hotel Frontenac.JPG
QB 66 in hotel lobby.JPG
After lunch
Here is another view of the hotel I took with David.  Apparently I can't resist making strange facial expressions.      :-0
QB 68 mw and David at Frontenac.JPG
QB 66 European architecture.JPG
After lunch, we walked around to absorb the charm of European architecture in North America.
QB 66 on street.JPG
Lori helped support local artists by purchasing this handcrafted eyeglass holder
QB 66 Lori w eyeglass holder.JPG
I know the translation of the word "merde," but not sure what this exhibition was all about.
QB 66 merde.JPG
Lori gives her review of the great weather
QB 66 MW and Lori at cannons.JPG
QB 66 TM after half a drink.JPG
That evening, the group went out for some visiting at a local pub. 

Here Merle shows the effect of half a drink.
Next day, June 7, we went for a hike at Parc National de Jaques-Cartier.
QB 67 before the hike.JPG
Into the woods.
QB 67 Me and Lori hiking.JPG
QB 66 TM hiking.JPG
QB 67 Me and Lori after.JPG
QB 67 after hike w David.JPG
They fed us lunch after the hike.
QB 67 lunch after hike.JPG
Lori, Len, and David did more walking after our forest hike, walking in the mist with our tour leader, Sylvie.
QB 67 L L and D and Sylvie.JPG
Tues night, dinner with discussion of world events.
QB 67 dinner.JPG
Wednesday June 8, we had another hike on the east side of Orleans Island.  At the outset of the hike, it was raining
QB 68 w poncho.JPG
QB 68 w poncho group.JPG
QB 68 group w writing.JPG
After the hike, we had lunch at a farm, and then went to visit Montmorency Falls, which from a distance seemed like not a big deal, but up close was another story.  look how small the people look on the observation bridge.
QB 68 Montmorencey falls from distance.JPG
QB 68 Montmorencey falls mw and TM.JPG
Don't drop that camera!!!!
QB 68 Montmorencey falls holding camera over bridge.JPG
QB 68 Montmorencey falls from obs deck MW and TM.JPG
QB 68 Montmorencey falls me and TM level view obs deck.JPG
Then, back to the Monastery, had a nice dinner, celebrated having had a negative Covid test so we were allowed to return to the US (YAY!!!), and home the next day.

Thanks to all!!

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