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Philippine Visit...continued (Part IV)
Friday, June 22, we first said goodbye to Auntie Annie and Uncle Willie.
Now like we mean it!!
We then spent the afternoon going from bank to bank to car place with one delay after another, fighting traffic, with the clock ticking...but we made it in time to get the new car for Nanay!
Although unclear whether she was speechless due to surprise about the car, or from Merle convincing her to come to the gate to settle a fight outside, Nanay was overwhelmed.     :*)
Most of Saturday June 23 was spent with Merle and Michelle doing some shopping, while I hung out with the kids, watching some movies, and taking advantage of the air conditioning in the house.
That evening after dinner, we say goodbye to everyone.
Sunday 6/24:  We got a little bit of late start to the airport so it was a little stressed, and then there were long lines.
Our plane was to board a little after 7am, so it was close, but we made it.
  Until next time!!
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