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Visit to L.A. for Thanksgiving November 20-26, 2022
(Merle was on call, and apologies to anyone I didn't get to see....)    :(
I arrived late in the evening on Sunday, 11/20, made it to my Aunt Gloria's, had a bite, and crashed.  Next day, met with friend from high school Trixie at this bakery that was almost a city block long.  Though it was crowded, we're contributing here to their marketing plan.
1120 Trixie.JPG
Next stop was to Topanga Canyon to see Lisa and Michael (Paws) where they were working on their trailer that they rent out as an airbnb, with plenty of guests applying.  One detail of Topanga is that strange things happen, like pigs growing wings.
1120 Lisa and Paws.JPG
Visit in Thousand Oaks area with fraternity bros Jerry Goodman (realtor) and Peter Schoenfeld (retired over 20 yrs!!).
1120 JG and Peter at Panera.JPG
Then back to Aunt Gloria's for Thai food with cousin Brenda and my brother David and Sister Lori.  Here, as with almost every party, we congregate in the kitchen.
1120 AG w cuz Brenda.JPG
Next day, 11/22, met with Liz from '02, spine fellowship days at Cedars (omg, 20 yrs already!) and her new hubby, Jose Lopez, affectionately referred to as J Lo.  And you'll never guess where we ate!!??!!
I got to visit with friend from high school, now retired, Mark Troy in his beautiful backyard.  We discussed what's going on in L.A. and about peeps from back in the day.  We had a cameo appearance from his dog, appropriately named...Cameo (yes, it's true). 
I guess we've changed a bit.     (photo circa '81...?)
Troy back in the day.JPG
That evening we shared a bite with our stepsister Marji and her husband Jeff.  We visited for a while until we noticed...hey, they're sweeping up and we're the only ones not employed here!!
Wednesday, 11/23, I got to meet with some peeps also from back in the day (and these days, who isn't?), Randy Moss, Tony Levine, and Cory Winick.  We met at Bobby's Coffee Shop, and had to decide if we wanted our omelets with a side of weed..
1123 gp at Bobbys w sign.JPG
Here are the suspects lined up against a wall.
1123 gp at Bobbys wall.JPG
And for more nostalgia, from '71, SW is Sam Winick, Cory's dad, was a great coach.  Didn't make fun of me even though, when I got my first hit, I slid into first base.  CW is Cory.
Cory back in the day.JPG
That afternoon, I went to a movie with Aunt Gloria.  You can guess what we saw.
1123 AG at movies.JPG
Afterwards, we went back to her place to scoop up brother and sister for a fish dinner and some last minute shopping.
1123 dinner at fish grill.JPG
Thanksgiving day, 11/24, Lori and I drop off Aunt Gloria at the train station so she can get to her next stop (Irvine), and we provide Cousin Brenda with photographic evidence that Lori and I made the drop.
1124 drop off AG train station.JPG
Lori and I went for a walk where I make my entry for the funny face and hairdo contest.
Later we had Thanksgiving with Jerry Goodman's family at his sister's house which was lovely.  (Our intended Thanksgiving plans had a hiccup due to the 'vid).
1124 me and lori on walk.JPG
Friday 11/25, after taking Lori to the airport, I had a visit with cousins Karen and Timmy while they were putting up their Xmas lights.  I helped eat a few of their Thanksgiving leftovers.  Yum!
1125 Karen and Timmy.JPG
Then, off the the OC, Laguna Beach, to visit Paula and Salomon, where after catching up at their house, we went to see Moulin Rouge: The Musical
1125 P S and me outside perf arts.JPG
1125 preciosa.JPG
Paula brought her service dog, Preciosa
Our seats were in the second row!!
1125 second row.JPG
1125 preciosa in P lap.JPG
I was wondering if Preciosa prefers dramas.
Then, Saturday, 11/26, back to GA and to regular life.

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