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Visit to Hard Rock Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, All Inclusive resort, May 8-12, 2021
Come sleet or snow or hail or global pandemic, we're going on this vacation that we previously paid for!
PC day 1 w sign.JPG
First things first:  Food.  
In the time it took for me to say "Let's take a picture," Merle had already cleaned her plate!!
PC day 1 eating.JPG
It wasn't very crowded there, and even for the show at night, there were a lot of empty seats.
PC day 1 empty chairs.JPG
Even the picture of Eric Clapton thought that the situation was pretty screwed up.
PC day 1 Clapton finger.JPG
I would go swimming in this pool in the mornings.  This pool is pretty damn long.  I kept thinking, "are we there yet?"
However, with all the partying, I would see stuff in the water, like cups, earrings, and even a chicken finger.  I think in the nearby pool they found the rest of the chicken.
PC day 2 long pool.JPG
We spent some time poolside, pictured here before Merle took her nap, and she had to wear glasses to protect from the reflection of sunlight off my chest.
PC day 2 at poolside.JPG
Time for a quick disguise.
PC day 2 lunch in disguise.JPG
PC day 2 Merle beach.JPG
Merle was a little ticked that they spelled the name wrong.
More time relaxing (or trying to relax) on the beach, here with the resort in the background.
PC day 4 beach looking to land.JPG
And here with the beach in the background.  I went in the water with my goggles, and the weirdest thing:  There's fish in there!!    :-o
PC day 4 beach looking to ocean.JPG
Much of the place was under construction while we were there, but here, on the morning of our departure, they opened up a nice water feature, so good for the next guests!
PC day 5 finally open.JPG
We eventually made it home, even though on the plane ride back to Atlanta, I sat next to a guy with shoulders so broad, when we landed, I had scoliosis.
But good to be home! 
Thanks for looking!
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