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Memphis, TN and Greenville, MS


I was flown by Medtronic to Memphis for training on cervical disc replacement.  Since I was near Greenville, MS where I had spent some time, I stayed over to drive down and see some peeps. 


(Apologies to any Delta residents I didn't get to visit...)  


Merle stayed home for this trip.  



I had a chance to visit with fraternity brother Marty Green and Leigh Ann in Memphis.  We went to a place called Agave Maria for tapas, and since I had eaten not too long before we went to eat, I said three hail Mary's to hope I didn't explode from eating again.

Next morning, in Greenville, MS, I had a chance to visit with some friends from when I worked there. 


Here, I got to visit with Jessica and her friend Wes, where we covered the affairs of the world in less time than it took to bake a cake!

I got to visit with Luellen Carter, in whose band I was the drummer back in the day. 

I got to visit Lue and with his wife, Lu. 


The way I could tell them apart? 


One has an "e" at the end of their name.... 



After that, I went to see Betty Terney (retired social worker from the hospital) and her husband Ray to catch up on what I had missed the last 13 (gasp) years among the people of Greenville. 

Next stop was to see Dr. Amita Patel and her husband and their dogs for more catching up on their lives and happenings in the medical community. 



Turns out, people in the MS Delta still have kidney failure!

Had lunch with Ken Hahn (cardiologist), and we also had a brief visit with my former partner Wayne Dotson (ortho).

I also had a visit with some buildings: 


I saw the Mark Apartments (no relation) where at one point I lived with Merle.

And I went by the old office where I used to work.  However, I must confess, it seemed a little bigger in my memory than in real life.
I then headed off to Cleveland, MS, to visit with Tracey Blackstock and her husband Jeffrey (and daughter Rebecca, not pictured) for more reflections on life in the MS Delta.
Afterwards, had a chance to visit more with Nathan and Ellen. 

And had time for some frozen yogurt afterwards, as we helped to keep the Cleveland economy vibrant by supporting their local fro-yo shop!


Then, back to regular life....

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