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This page will document changes in our outdoor landscape at Devon Dr. over the years, all brought to us by one Merle Santos!!
Go Merle, go Merle...!!!
(scroll down to see the progression)
April 2006
View of the backyard.
Spoiler Alert:  This is how it looks in 2016!!
Back to 2006: 
The beginning of Merle's nursery.
Views of the front.  I'll do anything to get in a picture.
The front steps.
The happy gardener. 
Nice choppers*!!!!
May 2006
Front flower bed with growing plants.
Sunflowers starting to grow.
June 2006
With frequent watering (what drought?) and some TLC, the plants continue to grow.
In the front garden, notice the taller sunflowers.
Meanwhile, on the stairs on the back side of the house, the different pots somehow keep moving their positions.
The purple flowers are called Speedwells.
The front entryway.
Merle even grows veggies.
Oriental Lillies.
And whatever these are (grown from the garden).
With the gardener.
In the flower bed in the front yard with daffodils (yellow) and grape hyacinth (blue).
Compare to appearance after a winter of the lawn going dormant, to the appearance here where it's starting a little to get green again...with the help of some weeds(!) growing in between the blades of grass.
More plants growing means one happy Merle!!
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