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Wednesday, 6/29, we did scenic cruising in what is essentially a fjord, but called an "arm," the Tracy Arm, and then that afternoon had a stop in Juneau.
Practically all the balcony cruisers came out to look at the glacier and the sights.  
The smaller boats were another excursion to get closer to the glacier.  It was fine with me that the ship didn't go closer, to avoid a Titanic moment with an iceberg.
Small waterfall entering the arm.
Sibling meeting
Look!  Video!   --->
Sibling selfie
...also with the "making of the selfie" view!!
Later that day, we got to visit Juneau.  
Merle and I went on an excursion to watch whales and other wild things.
Humpback whales
Killer whales
...and seals.
Or as they're know in the killer whale community:
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