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L.A./Southern CA Visit, 4/1-4/4/10
After landing uneventfully at LAX, we scooted over to Harbor/UCLA where I did my residency to see if anyone was there who might remember me.  I had called ahead actually to meet Sue Okazaki (on the left) but also we got to see Anida (on right) who has been on the ortho team from when I was at Harbor.  Clearly, Anida hasn't aged a day!
Next stop was to Palos Verdes for lunch with med school classmate Eda who is also an ortho, who is debating starting practice again.  Personally, I vote for continuing to hang out in her backyard:  check that view!!
After visiting with Eda, we made it in a timely fashion to Laguna Beach for some hors d' ourves on Paula's balcony in time to catch the sunset.  Steve Manos, who has done computer work for Paula, and who is married to my cousin Brenda, were able to join us along with Paula's friend and major league salsa dancer Salomon Rivera (check out his website at!)
Ahh, those CA sunsets!

Paula is such a thoughtful host:  we stayed over at her house that night, and she even left pictures with me in them in our room to make us feel more at home!


You don't get that at the W!

And yes, that's a banana in that bowl....

Next am (Friday), we were off to a Torrance Starbucks to visit with Beryl, PT friend from when I was at Torrance Memorial.  Beryl brought her dog Dasha, who, although sporting cataracts, could still find the doggie treats in a snap, like with her 3D sense of smell.


Good Dasha was so good, she didn't even get any funny looks from the baristas!

After meeting with Beryl, we met up with Marta for a lunch of Thai food in Venice.  I tried taking a self portrait by holding up the camera...
but decided to just use the timer instead.  Quite tasty, but no movie star sightings.
We then were off to Westwood to meet and visit with Dr. Serge Obhukoff who taught me the minimally invasive spinal surgery.  Nice visit, but we had to talk loudly to hear ourselves over the blues singer on the bus stop nearby.  Fortunately, he rested between songs.
After visiting with Dr. O, we were off to the San Fernando Valley to visit with family at Aunt Gloria's, here getting prepared for the picture.
Say Cheese!!!

Now everybody!


But Sammy (red shirt), how do you really feel??

Stepmother Mollie and her beau Marc were there also, with my sister Lori and her kids Emily and Eli (what are they feeding that kid?)
Saturday morning, while Merle visits at Barnes and Noble, I visit with Michael, Lisa, and daughter Wednesday.
Then off to Cerritos to a Goldilocks restaurant for the filipino connection.  Merle and I (guess which one is me?) got to visit again with some nurses we know from Mississippi. 
Merle didn't eat all morning in anticipation of this feast!

And for dessert, the wonderful Halo Halo!


Woo hoo!!!

Saturday evening, seder dinner at Aunt Michele's and Uncle Ronnie's.  Here we are with, from the left, my sister Lori, her daughter Emily, Shauna and Ryan (they go together) and you know who in the background.  Note the TV behind Ryan, as cousin Scott (not pictured) was tuned in for the NCAA final four between blessings.
Before leaving.
And one more with my mom.

Alas, then back to GA.  Almost ran over a snapping turtle on the way home.  Don't see none o' that in L.A.!!


p.s. for anyone I didn't have a chance to call, it was a tight bad!

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