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Greenville, South Carolina,  August '08

We had a quick trip out of town, visiting our friends Pam and Grant, who moved from Dallas to Greenville, SC, and whom I have known since '92.

Here at the downtown area by the river, they have live music on a regular basis.
We walked on the suspension bridge over the falls of their downtown river.  Apparently, sometimes the water in that river isn't the cleanest, but still good for the photo!
We visited the Apple Festival in a nearby town of Henderson.  We all bought items there...from the Thrift store.  While driving back from the event, Grant crossed a double yellow line and made a U-turn right in front of a cop, who fortunately was engrossed in his Krispy Kreme.
No ticket:  a close one!!
We saw a travelling Broadway production of Mamma Mia.  It was very good.  The songs are still in our heads.  It wasn't sold out, so we got to sit in the orchestra section. 
Woo Hoo!!

The ride there and back was a leisurely 6 hrs.


On the way back, I, a cruise control driver, was cruising along, when a car just like mine sped by me.  Next thing I know, I'm getting pulled over by the SC Highway Patrol.  The officer assures me I was doing 85. 


Ain't no way.


Possibly since I have no record, and possibly since Merle vouched for me being anal about the cruise control, I got off with only a warning.  I bet the cops have heard all the excuses, but I really didn't do it!!  (yeah, yeah, yeah)


The officer said that his radar gun had, and I quote, "Lidar:  lie detection technology." 


Too bad they don't have competence detection technology.

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