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Lake Tahoe, CA

Visit with Paula L., 7/15 - 7/19/09

We flew in to Sacramento, drove to Lake Tahoe to stay with Paula for a few days.  First stop, bike over to Tahoe City for drinks at Christy Hill on the lake.
...then time for a quick evening ride in the kayak.
Here's the front of Paula's house,
and the backside that faces the lake.
Thursday am, Merle and I went to a coffee place to have a cup of joe and take advantage of their wi-fi to check in with the world, then to take another picture by the lake.  There are certainly worse places in the world.
Thursday, we biked south to an historic place, the Pine Lodge, built at the turn of the century, and preserved like back then.  Talk about back in the day!  Here's Merle in front of the living room,
...and me in front of the dining room. 
That helmet was so comfortable, I forgot I had it on!
View from front porch of Pine Lodge.
Later that evening, we went to Reno for a Salsa lesson at one of the hotels, but then being in the city, wound up buying a big load at the local Wal-Mart.  Woo Hoo!
Friday morning, we finally caught up with the jet lag, and after waking up at 11am (wow is right!), wound up taking a bike ride to Squaw Valley.
Merle and I enjoyed an ice cream (note past tense) while Paula, shown here under orange hat and on her iphone, dealt with contractors at her home in Southern CA who wouldn't give her a straight answer.  I'm just glad her head didn't explode.
Friday evening, Shakespeare festival at Sand Harbor, a natural sand ampitheatre, where we saw Much Ado About Nothing.  It was very good.  I even stayed awake!
Sat am, a little breakfast on the pier, while Merle feeds the fishes.
The lake is very clear...
Here, fishy, fishy!
Check out this view of the lake from the back porch area of the house, view obstructed only by a man on the trampoline.
On Saturday evening, we met up with Merle's friend Myra at a buffet at an native American casino. 
Them Indians sure can cook!
Myra's kids. 
Believe it or not, not twins.
We stayed the last night with Lori, but not without helping out with her kitchen remodeling!
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