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Finishing up:  More time at sea, followed by a visit to Victoria, British Columbia
On 7/1, as we cruised back from Skagway, the seas were a little rough.  Can't really tell from this picture, but the waves were reportedly 11 feet.
As one might imagine, not all in the group felt like eating....    :(
But some did!!  
After dinner,  some of us went to see the Stephen Schwartz production of Magic to Do, which was really great.
After which, in celebration of Canada Day  (July 1), not only did Matthew and Alexis get to stay up late, but:
Woo hoo!!
And here, while I take off my coat and tie, Merle practices her photography skills.
Next day, more time at sea, but eventually we land for a brief visit to Victoria, British Columbia (Canada) for a brief trip to see Bruchart Gardens.
But first, a quick selfie with Matthew at dinner!!
The gardens were very beautiful, but here Merle is concentrating on which seeds she might borrow for a minute.
Because of the ship's schedule, we had time for only a very brief visit.  
We had to absorb the beauty quickly.
I got a rash.
Next and final morning, we did what any good cruiser would do:
visit the buffet.
One last sibling meal, for now.
Bye, bye, cruise trip!!
It was fun!!
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