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Even More Paris Sightseeing, July 6
First, we arrive at our meeting place to visit more with Anton.  
Here we're at the St. Germain metro stop, in front of a famous restaurant:
Le Deux Magots
(and don't ask me to translate that).
We stop by a church where there was supposedly a sighting of the Virgin Mary.
Anton and Merle stopped for a little prayer, and I don't know if their requests got mixed up, but it started raining.
Window shopping in Paris:
Sainte Sulpice Cathedral
Formerly Luxembourg Palace, now a building for French Senate.
More Luxembourg Gardens.
After Luxembourg Gardens, we stopped for breakfast:  two eggs, ham, coffee, orange juice, and half a baguette that was a vehicle to consume a large quantity of butter.
After, I visited the rest room, and this was for #2 business.  Apparently, it's a Turkish toilet, and yes, you just squat over it.  (also, there was no tissue.)
I could wait.
We parted company with Anton at the Fountain of St. Michele, apparently a popular meeting place.
Then, we were off to the Orsay Museum.
Here we are just after the entrance.
We decided to look at the exhibits separately, so any one of these people seen below could be Merle.
The fact that this museum was converted from an old railroad station is not a stretch of the imagination.
They had a great exhibit of impressionist painters.
Here I am with Monet's Water Lillies.
In this painting also by Monet, if you are up close, you can see the brush strokes are broad, but standing afar, there is a lot of detail, like the reflection of the boat and the ladies in the water.
This painting, also by Monet, is of Rue Montorgueil:  the street on which we were staying...but in 1878.
I know...details.
This painting by Renoir makes me think of potential title:  
Woman on Cell Phone before it is Invented.
Another Renoir:
Look at the interplay of the light coming through the trees, and the sense of play among the participants.
Impressionist view of Notre Dame
Van Gogh:
Starry Night over the Rhone
I try to have the same expression as Van Gogh in his self portrait.
Compare the impressionists to more realist James Tissot where even viewing the painting up close, more details can be seen.
Paris Opera House
Palais Garnier
Front atrium
...with Merle at top of stairs for perspective.
View of the stage.
View of the cheap seats (ha!)
This is part of a great front room, or atrium, with in the three pictures below, the camera is successively moved upward toward the ceiling.
This view is across from that fireplace of the great room, where they were actually setting up for a dinner that evening.
There were more exhibits in the lower floors, below the ballroom pictured above, with items from previous operas, including costumes, and some original music, hand written by Mozart.
And what better way to top off a trip to Paris than with a visit to a cemetery.
Cimetiere Pere Lachaise is where many notable people are buried.
In fact, the cemetery is so popular, people are dying to get in it!        :-0
Chopin's grave
Jim Morrison of The Doors is buried in this cemetery, died at age 27 presumably of a drug overdose
I had heard his grave was frequently visited, but I didn't realize it was tucked in between other headstones.
And one final point of interest:  Centre Pompidou.
This building is a large art museum, but there was also some interesting activity outside.  
In am:  back to Barcelona for one day, and then back to US.
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