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Visit to Palm Springs, CA, Feb 24-27, 2022, to see David's play!
Merle was on call...    :(

PS David program color.jpg
Since Palm Springs was closer to her house than Georgia, I popped over to Winchester, CA (near Temecula) to see cousin Stephanie.
PS visiting Steph.JPG
Except...with my arm held out imaging holding a pitchfork, standing in front of a house, made me think of another classic image....
MW and SB Amer Gothic.png
Amer Gothic.JPG
Friday am, here we prepare for our morning hike.
PS Fri am David kitchen.JPG
First, we warm up with a quick tour of David's backyard.
PS Fri am David backyard.JPG
We had a little hike in an area near Palm Springs City Hall, with some views of the city.
PS Fri am hike w group.JPG
Hard to convey with this picture and the perspective, but if one happened to slip off the trail, it would be a fairly long way down hill. 
PS Fri am steep.JPG
Flowers!   Photo op!!
PS Fri am bouganvilla.JPG
Friday afternoon, I had a chance to do some biking with some other fans of David's play:  Paula, Salomon, and service dog Preciosa (in basket...who's a goo dog??!!)
PS Fri afternoon biking w Paula and Salomon.JPG
Little get together at David's before the play Friday evening.
PS Fri eve group in kitchen.JPG
We didn't have on our masks, but at least the fruit was being careful.

Program below.
PS canteloupe.JPG
PS David program.jpg
After the play, question and answer time with the playwright
PS Fri evening playwright speaks.JPG
Saturday am, I got to visit with Brenda and Steve as they showed me the grounds of their condo.
PS Sat w Brenda and Steve.JPG
Saturday family brunch/visit.
PS Sat brunch.JPG
Lori and bf Art.
PS Sat Lori and Art.JPG
After eating, we take advantage of the excellent lighting of the desert sun.
PS Sat after brunch.JPG
Saturday afternoon, we visited The Living Desert, a zoo in Palm Springs.  Saw giraffes eat lettuce.  It rocked.     :)
PS Sat afternoon Living Desert.JPG
Sunday am, we say goodbye as the crew takes me to the airport.
PS saying goodbye.JPG
Alas, now back to regular life.

Thanks for looking!
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