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Vancouver, BC
The cruise ended in Vancouver, British Columbia the morning of 8/27/07.  Since we couldn't get a plane flight back to Atlanta at a reasonable time, we decided to spend the day sightseeing with Aunt Gloria and Uncle Arthur.
We took a bus tour which included some sights around downtown, including a metropolitan garden named for Dr. Sun Yat Sen. 
Sunny day, pretty surroundings, good photo op!
Merle checks out the lilly pads, probably wondering if they would work somewhere in the garden back home....
Another pagoda...picture time!!
It was a nice day.  Even the turtles were enjoying the sunshine.  About a second after this picture was taken, someone made a little sound and all the turtles at the moment thought it would be a good time for a swim.
We also visited Stanley Park, a natural refuge in the metropolitan Vancouver area.  Here is the Lion's Gate suspension bridge that connects North Vancouver with Stanley Park.  They frequently have bad traffic there.
Map for reference.
Another view of the bridge.
And yay!! They even have totem poles!!
And along the way, we met a park raccoon who was looking for handouts.  His weapon:  cuteness. 
The tour guide mentioned that there had been some autopsies done on park raccoons, and they had evidence of death by conditions such as obesity, heart disease, and fatty liver.  Apparently we share not only our food, but also our diseases.
and I guess that's about it.
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