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Visit to Massachusetts to see David direct and choreograph Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

January 21-24, 2010

First, we fly into Boston, where we meet up with college roommate and ZBT bro, Scott McCallister, pictured here from the good ol' days, and below from these days, which I guess are the current good ol' days.
On arrival to David's, Merle strikes a relaxing pose with her back levered over the edge of the seat cushion.  We just hang out and have some din din and visit Thursday night.
David serenades us with a little piano music, some of which, he composed.  It was lovely, but the D note on the piano was a tinge flat.  No emergency piano tuner was able to be located.
Friday am, David and I drop off his car for a little bumper work, and then we're off to Gold's Gym for a little iron pumping ourselves.  Nothing like flexing in 20 degree weather before a work out to warm up the muscles.
Chilly in January in Massachusetts? 
No way!!

Afterwards, a little brunch at a greasy spoon called The Cup.  After eating, we have an inexplicable urge to take a picture.


Then off to the movies.

After movie, quick trip to a local Starbuck's, here documented photographically by our mother.
In his own subtle way, David protests the picture taking.
We asked a lady to take our picture outside the marquis that showed David's picture.  First she cut off David's picture (left).  Then she cut off me (right).  We thanked her and politely waited for her to walk away.
Then, we looked for the first teenager we could find, who nailed it, got the shot right, instantly!  We shoulda known better!!
After the show, David visits with adoring fans and folks involved with the play.
Saturday, just chillin' at David's house.  Merle gravitated towards the gardening books.
More relaxing by the fire, then dinner and the play again Sat night. 
Then, as Willie Nelson said, on the road again, Sun am. 
Nice visit.
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