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I visited over the last weekend of '07.  Taking advantage of David and Van and Lori and kids being in L.A., I visited as well. 
Merle had to take call.          :(
Here David shows his multitasking capabilities:  talking on the cell phone AND simultaneously waving!!
Eli is helped to remember:  the WHITE laces on the RIGHT foot....
This site was updated in 2016:  the kids are grown up now.
On December 29th, my mother had a fairly big get together at her and Dick's house.
Cousin Stephanie and (now ex-husband) Drake
Aunt Michele, Lana, Brian, my mom.
(Clockwise) Van, Lori, Uncle Ronnie, Karen, Timmy, Stephanie, and Drake.
...but you probably knew that already.
Clearly the result of too many steroids in the corned beef.
All candid shots of course....
Jasmine was there too, but she didn't remember me until I showed her the photographic evidence below that we had actually previously met.
Here's the evidence!!  Jasmine, Stephanie and I went to the San Diego Zoo, April '05, the picture was still in my cell phone camera.
See!!??  She was littler then!
Good job, timer on the camera!!
Later, coloring Van's hair was a team effort.
Oh, and one more thing.  When we visited for Thanksgiving (with Merle, 11/27/07), we visited a friend from college, David Gurnick. 
His nickname was The Gurn, but we just called him "The" for short. 
He made us eggs.  They were good.
The end.
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