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Eric Schwager/Jill Peckarsky Wedding, Washington, DC
Rehearsal Dinner 7/21/06
Wedding 7/22/06


First, the rehearsal dinner.

My mom (Sandi), Merle, and myself.
My cousin Glenda (retired detective) and her husband Ed Rogers.  They live in Las Vegas where Glenda can avoid shooting people, as it worsens her carpal tunnel syndrome.
Parents of the groom:  Steve (the one chewing) and Linda.
Conferring with the man of the hour, Eric.
Sandi and Larry and Linda Cates. 
Some event occurred where Sandi stayed at the Cates' home some time ago and thus was able to tell Larry at some other event that she slept well in his bed...they still get a laugh from that story....
Then, the next night, the wedding.
The new couple!!!
The proud (and glamourous!) Mama and Papa.
Aunt Michele and Uncle Ronnie.
The group with Larry Cates. 
Merle and I tearing up the dance floor.
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