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Sightseeing around Paris, July 3
First stop:  the Louvre
On the way in, Merle demonstrates that it was actually the Romans who invented the technique for "selfie."
We went to the most popular area first:  to see the Mona Lisa.
And we took the obligatory selfie.
Using Merle for a reference point, you can get an idea of some of the grandeur and size of some of the exhibits.
Merle made up her mind:  
 <---   "I'll take that one."
(also in the Egypt section, she decided she wanted a variety of the stone sculptures for her yard.)
The titles were in French, but I'm pretty sure the name of this work is
"Lions are a pain in the ass."
And I did not recall this detail from history class, but apparently this painting chronicles the Great Baby-Eating Lion Epidemic of 1801.
Merle checking the pyramid for sharpness again.
After, we take a moment in the garden, trying to repel the souvenir salesmen.
I guess they gotta make a living somehow.
Next stop was Sainte Chapelle Cathedral, known for it's elaborate stained glass.
Merle is inspired
The stained glass is very detailed, and each pane has part of a (presumably Bible related) story.
To me, it could just be saying don't talk with your mouth full....
These stained glass panes are certainly less impressive from the outside of the building, but I also imagined if during the installation process, anyone said
Notre Dame
There is a spot just in front of the church that is the exact zero point in Paris for all the addresses that are east, west, north, or south.
This church was constructed between 1160 and 1345, with reinforcing buttresses to hold the heavy roof and allow for glass windows.  
And with all this history, I just didn't want to be bugged by that guy selling water.
Inside very impressive.
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