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Spokane, WA, visiting Mark and Bernie and their kids Dexter and Liam,

August 27-30, 2009.

We visited the Japanese Gardens and stopped for a picture.
Here, one of the leaders of the groups of kids with wooden swords stopped to take our picture.
Here we visit the Rose Garden. 
Dexter didn't want to be in the picture so he took this one.
Merle and Bernie discuss the latest advancements in rose technology.
Here we pose calmly as bees buzz about, undeterred by the signals from our cell phones.
Then, time for a little basketball on the home court, a game of "21."
Here, Dexter makes his move.
Now, a little Mark on Mark action.
Dexter, what up, man?
This shooting technique called "the flatfoot."
Dexter plans his strategy.
Woo hoo!!
Next day, a little trip up the hill to see some orchards and do a little fruit and veggie picking.  They had some quite tasty peaches (even for us folk from Georgia!) and Huckleberry pie.
Later, we took a ride to a large lot with gorgeous views on top of a place called Lookout Mountain where Mark and Bernie were considering purchasing property.  It was quite pretty up there.
I call this picture "Kids on the rocks."
Here, Liam shows us one of his favorite rocks.
Later, a little bike ride through their 'hood. 
Lots of open space.  It was very cool.
Not falling over!! 
Woo Hoo!
Mark and Dexter. 
Dex, that is one bright shirt.
Along the way we encountered a turkey, just standing on the side of the road looking at us. 
Probably not thinking about stuffing.
Bernie let me use her bike, which was the kind with toe clips.  At one point, I got ahead of the group, and as I turned around very slowly, like 1 mph, I rolled over some gravel and went down.
  So much for not falling over!
  Well, it was just a flesh wound.
We prepared the din din for Sat night.
Fun visit!!
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