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Trip to New York City, Aug 4-8
to see Hamilton (the musical)!
We were lucky enough to have a good friend get us tickets, so we visited the Big Apple.  While there we also were lucky enough to get to visit with a friend from back in Greenville, MS days, Marina Mychaskiw.
Merle and Marina hadn't seen each other in...oh, at least 20 years....
The waiter came by to take our picture so Marina had a medical condition called
We got to visit with Marina's daughter Marianne, who when we last saw her, was a little kid, but is now all grown, living in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and working for In Style magazine, as we check out the view from her building's rooftop with Manhattan in the background.
(it was a little windy there!)
Next day, we took a subway to Queens to meet up with Merle's aunt Norma and sister Lilly for brunch.  
We clearly beat the crowd at this restaurant.
...then it was off for the main event of the trip, to see Hamilton!
Approaching the theatre district....
Getting closer!
Yes, that's the stage right behind us!!
And for the record, it was great.
After, we took a minute to chill and look at all the people, here on the red steps above the TKTS booth in Times Square.
We hung out for a minute at
30 Rock.
We were able to get tickets to see Miss Saigon for the evening show.
One of the main players, Rachelle Ann Go, (Filipino, of course) was great, and even signed Merle's program!
It was worth the wait to see the cast members as they left the theatre after the show.  Here Merle has a photo op with Rachelle, who was in her last NYC performance of Miss Saigon before going off to London to play Eliza in Hamilton.
That girl had some pipes!!  (Rachelle, that is)          
And, for a complete change of subject, on arrival back in the Atlanta airport, there was a dog dressed as a lion.
Dude!  Halloween isn't for like three months!!
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