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MW 60th Birthday (6/21/20)

and visit from sister Lori

Taking advantage of her ability to do teleworking, Lori came to Albany to hang out for a week and visit and share in the birthday celebration!  Here, we take a minute for a pic during a walk where Lori walked, and I rode the unicycle.  
(Don't worry...I didn't go too fast.  A turtle passed us.)
MW 60th w Lori and unicycle.jpg
Merle had some peeps over to celebrate a number of occasions, other birthdays besides mine, some nurses getting their nursing and drivers licenses, and Karaoke!!
MW 60th karaoke.jpg
MW 60th BD group.jpeg
We had a chance to go kayaking on the Flint River here in Albany.  We went for the 1.5 hour gig and it was plenty.  The wildlife I saw was a turtle on a log, and an uneaten candy bar floating in the river.   Woo Hoo!!   :)
MW 60th before kayaking.jpg
As we were finishing, the paramedics were loading up a guy who appeared to have a broken leg. 
Too bad I didn't bring my X-ray machine along!!
MW 60th during kayaking.jpg
Later that day, we were able to have a family meeting on Zoom on 6/21. 
It was nice to see everyone, and think of the efficiency: 
all the visits with no rental cars or jet lag!!
MW 60th screenshot.jpg
Here we take a minute for a pic while visiting at the kitchen table.
MW 60th w Lori in kitchen.jpg
David and Lori got me some accessories for the bike:  new rear view mirror and a holder for the cell phone... 
as long as I promised not to watch Netflix while riding in traffic....
MW 60th bike presents.jpg
Thanks for the visit, Lori!  Until next time!!
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