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Visit to Washington DC to celebrate Louie Kahn graduation from George Washington University, May 12-16, 2022

We meet at an upscale burger joint where Louie and dad Brian share their first beer together.  Aunt Gloria, Merle, and I get the low down on what the kids are doing these days.
Louie 512 PJ Clark before.JPG
We visited until it was dark
Louie 512 PJ Clark after.JPG
Next am, we are off to visit the US Memorial Holocaust Museum.  Brian's other son Sammy joins us.
Louie 513 Holocaust before.JPG
...and after.  
Louie 513 Holocaust after.JPG
After a few missed Ubers, we eventually meet up with niece Emily for lunch.
Louie 513 lunch w Emily.JPG
Louie 513 lunch w Emily and TM.JPG
For din din, we went to a place called Founding Farmers, where we joined Louie and Sammy's other grandparents Sandy and Bob and mother Stephanie.  One recommendation:  if you're going to order ice cream there, bring your own spoon.
Louie 513 Founding Farmers.JPG
Louie 513 Founding Farmers after.JPG
Louie 514 St John church TM.JPG
Saturday am, we went by St. John's Church across from Lafayette Square. 

No protesters were tear-gassed for the taking of this photo.
Awww..  Joe Biden was probably watching us.
Louie 514 at White House.JPG
Saturday day, Merle visited with a friend from her high school, Richelda Devina who lives in Maryland.
Louie 514 TM and Richelda.JPG
Louie 514 TM and Richelda at museum.JPG
And same time, I got to visit with friend from residency days Helen, whom I last saw 12 yrs ago with her husband Claudio, here from those bygone days. 
Louie 514 Helen from 2010.JPG
Helen and I did the walk and talk, and practiced the art of selfies.
Louie 514 Helen far from Lincoln.JPG
Louie 514 Helen close Lincoln.JPG
Louie 514 Helen looking at Wash monument.JPG
In the meantime, Louie was doing the hard work of actually graduating, with a sanitized handshake of course.
Louie 514 getting diploma jumbotron.JPG
Afterwards, a rooftop reception.
Louie 514 rooftop.JPG
Louie 515 passes.jpg
Then Sunday, 5/15, the big event:

the graduation.
But first, a quick bite with Brian and Gloria at their hotel.
Louie 515 breakfast at Hilton.JPG
Somehow we wound up back stage where all the grads were, as they streamed out to their seats, to the tune of "My Shot" from Hamilton.  There were probably a few who were young, scrappy, and hungry.
Louie 515 graduates marching in.JPG
Louie 515 view from our seats LOTS of PEEPS.JPG
I think there were a lot of people there.
Afterwards we met Louie and his friends at the base of the Washington Monument for some pictures and...some shade!!
Louie 515 from Wash monument.JPG
I have to admit, looking up to the top of that monument from the base, 550 ft up, is a little freaky.
Louie 515 AG me Brian wash monument.JPG
As the others went to get lunch and a nap, I walked around the Mall and wound up in the Smithsonian American History Museum, where, things I remember from childhood, are now considered literally as history.
Louie 515 etch a sketch.JPG
Louie 515 crying emoji.JPG
However, I recovered (yay!), and as I had a chance to walk around and see more sights, I got to do a little face time visiting with my brother and sister.

I kept Mr. Lincoln over my shoulder for inspiration.
Louie 515 facetime w sibs w arrow.JPG
Here on the Metro, early am 5/16, as we head back, the moral of the story is:
If you're going to a graduation in the sun, wear a hat.
Louie 516 burned forehead.JPG
Thanks for looking!!

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