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L.A. Visits
October '18 (for wedding of Haley and Art)
November '18 (for Thanksgiving)
Merle couldn't get off work.    :(       
October '18
Had a chance to catch up with David McKinney from Birmingham High School, a great visit
Oct MW and McKinney.jpg
On this ad in L.A. for sinus surgery, to me, her sinuses were not the features that stood out.
Oct sinus ad.jpg
Oct Art and Haley.jpg
The reason for the trip was to attend the wedding of Haley and Art (what a lovely couple!!)
Here we are below sneaking a picture during the service.  David has the steath selfie technique. 
Notice his calm expression.  
Oct haley wedding us three in pew.jpg
Here after the service we pose with our stepsister Marji.
Oct MW Lori David Marji.jpg
Oct DW and MW 1.jpg
Some other random shots, totally posed of course.
Oct DW Marji and MW.jpg
Oct DW and MW 2.jpg
Three generations:  Mollie (stepmother), Marji (stepsister), and Haley (step neice), and none of them wicked!!
Oct three gen smiling.jpg
Comparing rings.
Oct three gen w rings.jpg
November '18
Had another visit for Thanksgiving.
First stop was to see Timmy and Karen in Cerritos where I had a little bite of some corned beef, and one of their little dogs tried to have a bite of me.
We cool though.  
Nov Timmy Karen MW.jpg
Next day, I had a chance to visit with friend from UCLA, Marcia Chapirson Golan at her store in West L.A.
Nov MW and Marcia C.jpg
...and reminisce about the ol' days.
Bud Catalina circa 1985 w Marcia.jpg
Later, I had a chance to have a great conversation with another kindred spirit from high school, Brian Noveck.  It was so intense, we closed down that Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf.   
Nov MW and Brian N.jpg
Here on Thanksgiving, which was in San Diego at cousin Tracy's, my mom helps direct the carving of the turkey.
Nov Thanksgiving w mom carving
Here is the group after eating, before the tryptophan took effect.
Top row:  Michele, Stephanie, Tracy, Matthew, MW, Sandi, Ronnie, Joy, Scott.
On couch:  Rick, Maureen, Landon, Alexis, Andi, Blueberry (woof!), Tedi, Ryan
Nov Thanksgiving whole family.jpg
Next day, I went with Aunt Gloria and my mom to see Green Book, which we enjoyed, especially taking selfies in the movie theater.
Nov movies Aunt G and mom.jpg
And, for no apparent reason, here's a picture sent from childhood neighbor Kirk Dore circa 1970, with me flying my balsa wood, rubber band powered, airplane, with David watching.
Yep, those were the days.
MW and DW circa 1970.jpg
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