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Southern CA Visit,   April 3-8, 2012

Went to CA this time without Merle as she was saving her time off for her June trip to the Philippines.
Before going to see a Woodbridge High School performing arts exhibition at which cousins Emily and Andrew were performing, we grab a bite at Mimi's Cafe before the show (Arthur, Gloria, Brenda, Steve, and mw)
Time for a quick picture before taking our seats on the bleachers.
Andrew was part of a percussion ensemble that was truly amazing:  no conductor, but all the performers were super tight, with changing tempos and crescendo ending. 
The audience gave a standing ovation...they rocked!!
Afterwards, Andrew explains how they coordinated the performance and rehearsed multiple times.  Notice that from the residual amazement of the performance, my eyeballs are still glazed over!
Here a quick picture with Emily who did great in several dance numbers.
Next morning, I had a chance to meet up with friend from elementary school through high school, Diane Bucka (previously Diane Crane).  It was great to catch up and talk with a kindred spirit.  What's thirty years between friends!!
Then, after strong encouragement from a friend of mine, and lacking a good answer to the question of "what am I waiting for?" I was off to the Apple store to finally get a proper smart phone.  Woo hoo! 
After Apple store at the Irvine Spectrum, had a quick visit with Nikki who works in the O.C. 
Next morning, I had a chance to visit with Marta in Culver City,
Lisa and Michael in Venice,
and Prachit for lunch in Marina del Rey,
and then "jet" off quickly (1.5 hrs to go 10 miles) to visit with Mimi and her husband Greg at their new house in the Hollywood Hills, with a view of the Hollywood sign!!
Next am, I had a chance to visit with Nathan, friend from Mississippi, who was also in the Valley, for some basketball (turned into a walk as the courts were too crowded), and the lady who took our picture said, "okay, now look like you're in love!"
Got to reconnoiter (although can't recall the first connoiter) with my sister Lori, her kids Eli and Emily, and my mom.
And then we had the culmination of the trip: the Passover seder at Aunt Michele's and Uncle Ronnie' with Alexis showing off her winning smile!

then back to Albany....


Apologies to anyone I didn't have a chance to call  :(

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