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Palm Springs Visit, June 8-12, 2017
Sibling Reunion
Lori brought Eli, and I came with Merle, to visit David in Palm Springs, CA.  Here we dine at the outdoor area of the Tropicale Restaurant.
We had the occasional distraction of the wait staff doing lap dances for the girls behind us.
Next morning, we went to David's gym where we attempted to work off the food from the night before, but many distractions as David seemed to know almost everyone there.
Later, we met at Manhattan Deli to have lunch and a visit with our Dad's cousin Marvin.  Great visit.
Marvin from back in the day, circa '72.
(what's 45 years between friends?)
Marvin wasn't sure if he had attended David's bar mitzvah...but we found proof!! ('77)
Cousins Brenda and Steve (not pictured) came by for a visit and dinner and a little music.
(see below)
Link to a video of us jamming to a song written by David, with Steve on guitar, and me playing a 3" drum.  Woo Hoo!!
On the way back, we were treated to see Jersey Boys  at the Ahmanson Theatre, compliments of my mother.  
Here at the stage door, Merle gets to have her pictures taken with some of the main actors.
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