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California Visit

Sacramento June 27 to July 1,

Los Angeles July 1 to July 5, 2015

(Check it:  there's even a video about halfway down this page!!
And apologies to anyone I didn't get to visit in person....)
While Merle was off to the Philippines for a two week visit, I left to CA.  I don't know how the airlines knew, but our gates were right next to each other!

I flew to Sacramento where, with David flying up for the visit from Palm Springs, we had a sibling get together. 



Lori's friend Shelly came with us on a kayaking outing.  We started with a lesson that gave us more info on kayaks than we would ever want to know!

That evening, we met up with David's friends Kate and Maureen for Pops in the Park.


What was striking to me, having spent time in Georgia, was that it was dusk, and no gnats!!



Next morning, 6/29, we try to figure out the timer on the camera for our pre-yoga picture.  David helps.

David taught us a class on yoga, which for me was a class on learning places I didn't know my body could go.


If you look up the word "stiff"  in the dictionary, I think you'll see my picture.

Next day, we were invited by my good friend Bruce Licht to a day on Lake Berryessa in Northern CA.


Keep scrolling down for a video!!!


Front:  Emily and Brian (Bruce's son and med student!)

Standing:  Bruce, Ron Kardos, Lori, mw, and Terry (Brian's friend, also a med student).

Bros from left,

Ron Kardos,


Bruce Licht.

I'm not a drought expert, but I always thought the end of the runway where they put boats in the water should be under the water...



Out on the water, Emily suits up to show us how it's done, while I observe from the cooling off area.

My turn.


Check out that dad bod!!

Campaigning from the lake surface.
 I think I can, I think I can...
Woo hoo!! 
Yes, that's me way out there.
Lori getting ready.
Getting up...

She's up!!


Go Lori, Go Lori...

Ron Kardos shows the Bruin spirit...


and a beer!!

 Lori and Emily
Ron and I get ready for a raft ride.
Hang on!! 
Emily and Dan get ready for a ride.
 And now, for some live action pictures!!
After we got back, I had dinner with bros Ben Goldwyn and Bob Eiselman. 

Next morning, 6/30/15, Lori and I go for a run in Ancil Hoffman Park.  Here we manage to simultaneously be terrified of the rattlesnakes AND focus our gaze on the finger pushing the button for the selfie.


Now that's talent!!

Emily was the one who noted the misspelling in my shirt from NYC.

No wonder it was only 3 bucks!!


After our run, we went to get a taste of what Lori does. We went to a public hearing of the CA Strategic Growth Council, which was both interesting for the content, and for how many people were looking at their phones continuously in the audience.

(this party also guilty as charged.) 

For the second part of the trip, I am off to Los Angeles.
Wed, 7/1, I meet with old friend and drummer Jim Austin (he's awesome but won't admit it) at Wahoo's Fish Tacos.
I would probably have gotten there earlier had I decided to look for the place on BOTH sides of the street. 

Thursday am, 7/2, I had a visit with stepmother Mollie and her beau Marc.

The light over my head indicates I was having an idea at that very moment.

I just can't remember what it was...

Met Jerry Goodman for lunch in Encino.

The wind was a stress test for our hair styles. 

Went back to the old 'hood in Encino to visit with, from right, Barbara Dore, her friend Darlene, Chris Aiello, and some guy who has an urge to take selfies all the time.

That evening, had a get together at my mom's in Northridge, with (counterclockwise): my mom's friend Bill, Andi, my mother (Sandi), me, Uncle Ronnie, Aunt Michele, Aunt Gloria, and Uncle Arthur.


What was amazing is that we sat outside at dusk and...


no bugs!!

Friday am, 7/3, met with Marta, here at breakfast in Santa Monica.

Cruised by Venice Beach and actually found parking (OMG!!) to visit with Lisa and Wednesday and Michael, and to indulge myself a little in some purple painting.

Had a chance to have a visit in Northridge with some peeps from the days of the spine fellowship at Cedars. 


Back row:  Samantha and Bob, me and Liz.


In front, Lilly was very patient with all the grown ups visiting, as she made a house of clay.

Had a chance to also catch up with cousin Brian and some special guests he brought for the visit, from left, Louie (upcoming bday, soon to be 15!  Yay!), Emerson (turns 15 in October...), Sammy (that rabbit ear thing kills every time!!), me, and Cuz B.

July 4th (birthday of our nation and more importantly, of David Gurnick), I got to meet up with more folks from back in the day, Rick Goldfarb, Mark Troy, The Gurn, and me.


The picture was taken by a man who spent a minute telling us how good he was at taking these pictures.  Thank you, Mr. Picture Man!!

Later that day, I reached a new high in the conservative experience as I went with my Uncle Ronnie to the Reagan Library in Simi Valley to see the Los Angeles Police Band playing some patriotic favorites.


Fun fact:  not all the people in the band were actual or former police.


Another fun fact:  the white arrow points to the only person of color I saw there, and he was the announcer for the band.

They were promoting the upcoming speakers, but probably left off their list the scheduled dates for Rachel Maddow and Al Sharpton.... 

One aspect that was very cool is that they had Reagan's Airforce One, the actual plane, in the an enclosed building. 


As I focus this self portrait, Uncle Ronnie is amused at how I can do spine surgery, but seemed to be challenged by deciding which one is my right hand.


The pressure was immense!!

Sunday am, 7/5, my flight was so early, I was the only one on the bus from the rental car place back to the airport.






Now, back to regular life.


Merle to return 7/11/15.

This other picture was taken on a special red carpet area.  After I took it, I was admonished that I had violated their photo policy.


I hope the library will recover from the damage I undoubtedly caused!!!

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