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L.A. Visit, April 2-9
To see friends and family (Merle unable to get the time off)   :(

 After arriving Sun 4/2 at LAX, I made a beeline the the Segerstrom Center in Orange County to see Paula and Salomon (and Preciosa, emotional support dog) to see an amazing ballet version of Like Water for Chocolate. 

It was great even though I had a little snooze during the first act.

Several peeps in the neighboring seats asked how Preciosa handled the theater.  I noted that she is well behaved though she prefers dramas.

Below is how close we were. 

I had an earbud in my pocket and I think it wound up in the orchestra pit.   :(

Next am, 4/3, I went to visit Larry Gaiber whom I've known since high school, reacquantaince occurring when his wife Sheryl contacted me and Larry and I chatted again. 

Back in those days (circa '78), nobody could rock a pretzel like we could.

Gp w annotations.JPG

In the meantime, I think we've both aged a bit.

However, Orange County is so nice, the shopping centers even have places where you can pay just to perspire.

What will they think of next!!??!!

Next stop was to visit with cousins Karen and Timmy, who cooked up some Philly cheese steaks (yum!).  As Karen was discussing her food alergies, she noted her daughter had sent her a kit that can test a person for allergies to 204 different types of food, but Karen was sure she was allergic to the 205th.

Later, I got to visit and hang out with my friend Nikki in Long Beach, here getting some Greek food, and practicing my selfie technique.

Tuesday 4/4, I was a a little early for my lunch meeting, so I walked along the ocean park area in Santa Monica, checking out the nice view of the LA coastline. 

The squirrels there are so used to humans, one came up to me and said "Bro, give me a peanut or your wallet."

For lunch, I got to meet up with friend from high school David McKinney, to hear the details about how a clearly psychotic person on the street in Santa Monica tried to stab him.  I think she is part of the Welcome to LA Committee.

Also, we met at a place that supposedly had their pasta flown in daily from Italy, but I couldn't help thinking it was cooked by a guy in the back who, when low on ingredients, would run to get refills at Costco.

In between visits, though on last minute notice, I was able to get a visit with high school friend Rick Goldfarb.  Among other stories, we reminisced about the time forever ago when we were coming back from a Lake Tahoe ski trip, and the vinyl on the top of my Chevy Nova got a rip in it, causing it to flap madly and loudly if we drove over10 mph. 

We had to drive for hours holding that part of the roof on.  If only we had thought to call 1-800-DUK-TAP....

Later that evening, I got to catch up with friend frm 7th grade (and a bunch of stuff in between) Kenny Jacobs.

We wound up meeting at another Italian (or as we say eye tal yun) place where, not understanding much of what was on the menu, I went with the pizza and the Caesar salad (or as I overheard once:  seizure salad).

Wed 4/5, I had a chance to catch up with Jerry Goodman.

Nobody rocks a Panera like these two.

When I worked in Greenville, MS, while on the basketball court at the local Y, I met another guy from the Valley, and we've been friends since.  He and his wife Ellen were in town also, so we met at a deli, with his 93 yr old mother (sharp as a tack!) for some authentic corned beef.  And pickle, but we deferred the basketball.

After lunch, I had a visit with friend from forever ago, Mark Troy, where we walked around his neighborhood, and he secretly arranged to have a drive by visit with one of our high school classmates, Sharon Lavin.  Super fun and she hasn't changed a bit!!

Thurs 4/6, I had a chance to hang out with med school classmate Eda van Dyk.  We met in Westwood, had a coffee and a chat, and then wandered around UCLA.  We found our class picture on the wall, and of course we haven't changed a bit.  Ha!

As we walked around UCLA, we checked out the Career Center, in case the medical gig doesn't work out.

We had lunch with her husband Geoff, after which we got caught in a red spider web in the Hammer Museum.

Keeping in the theme of Peeps from Back In the Day, I met up with Marta and Sue whom I've known since like '87.  I think Marta is showing us how many seconds are left on the camera timer.

Friday 4/7, with Lori in town, we had a nice visit over breakfast with Aunt Gloria.

Cousin Brian came by and was able to capture this totally candid photo.  

After doing a little business in town, Lori, David, and I got to visit with Maxine, who was our Mom's oldest friend (Literally!  She's 96!!) to hear about some earlier times in her relationship with our mom.

Saturday 4/8, I was able to meet up with Richard Ordin, whom I've known since undergrad at UCLA, who is a writer in NY, but also happened to be in LA same time.

From there, we got to visit with stepmother Mollie (in blue shirt in center) and of course, everyone congregates in the kitchen.

For this mini reunion, we re-create the picture fom another lifetime ago with our (not wicked) step sister Marji.

The highlight of the day was the Passover seder at Aunt Gloria's (seated on L near candlesticks), allowing friends and family to gather in one place.  It was very cool.  And yummy!  Everyone asked about Merle.

And on Sunday, 4/9, time to return to GA, I noted that Aunt Gloria had left in the room where I was staying this picture from WAY back in the day. 


The only earlier picture probably would have been an ultrasound.

So, that's it, now back to the regular week.

Thanks for looking!!    :)

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