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Friday Night, June 20, Sagebrush Cantina (before formal reunion event...)


Very informal, and very enjoyable visiting!!

Randy Moss and his daughter.
Richard Sugarman, Randy Moss, and me.
Gary Sirota, Leslie Cane, Margee Galef (apologies to their husbands as I don't know what their current last names are!!)   Doh!
Ross Jones and Keith Laufer, still best friends since Encino Elementary School.  Ross working as lawyer in Santa Rosa, and Keith is working in Anchorage, AK.
Here's a group shot taken by Ruben Kusnier's son.
Now again, with the flash.  From the left, front row, Marc Richter, Leslie (Cane), Lynn (Sevy), me, Chris Simonian.  Back row, husband and Cari (Cone), Sandy Teslow and husband Joe Wagner.
My prom date, Diane Tasoff.
And check it Mom found the "before" picture!!
Louie Skoby came at the end of the evening. 
We visited until about 12:45am!
Click here for the formal reunion next night.
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