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Savannah, GA, May '08



At the City Market, in front of one of the squares.

First stop, Paula Deen's restaurant, Lady and Sons.
Billed as great Southern food, the menu appeared much like the fare served at the hospital where we work.
We ate at the bar.  This picture was taken by the bar tender,
but we tried to take one of ourselves too.
Many films were shot in Savannah, including Forrest Gump.  This is the church steeple over which the feather was floating at the beginning of the movie.
When we checked into the hotel (Hyatt Regency...woo hoo!), first things first, Merle takes a nap.
The Hyatt was right on River Street, which is a main tourist destination.  I went running there, and a street musician trumpeter started playing the theme from Rocky as I ran by.  All the people looked, I raised my arms.  It was cool.
There was a free Shakespeare in the Park deal. 
We watched it for a while then went for some pizza.
We visited this place called Savannah Smiles, with dueling piano players (and a drummer...yay!) and that place rocked! 
There were at least 6 bachelorette parties going on simultaneously.  They let us in even though we were under the required blood alcohol level.
...then drove home the next day.
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