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Juneau, the capitol of Alaska, was the second port we visited.  We had a relatively short time there, from about 8:30am to about 3:30pm, and it was rainy most of the time.
Here on the main street, the shops can be seen behind us, along with the contrast of MW's bowed legs and MS's knock knees!
There are actually mountains behind these clouds. 
Merle took this opportunity to go shopping for t-shirts.
They had a Filipino Community Center, but alas, I already had brought my own Filipino.
We took a bus to see the Mendenhall Glacier at the visitor center.  There are many signs around about what to do when you are confronted with a bear (one answer: don't run away).  Many bears have been seen feeding on the salmon that swim up to the lake to breed.  While the bears frequently eat salmon, we wondered how often they eat visitors.
Mendenhall glacier with my telephoto setting on the digital camera.
When pieces of the glacier fall off, they float around the lake.
There was a waterfall that came from the glacier up higher, shown here through the clouds.
This diagram from the visitors center shows some of the effects of this slow moving river of ice.
Hey look, more salmon!!
One evening, Marty had a get together in the suite where he and Peter were staying.
Andrew and Zach
Larry and Joyce.
Emily and Hanna.
See what a chocolate covered strawberry can do to a girl?
Peter and Marty.
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