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Visit to Massachusetts, late June, early July, '07:

We piggy backed on Lori, Eli, and Emily's week long trip to see Uncles David and Van.

We got to visit on the first weekend of their stay.

David and Van's potential new house pictured here*.


update:  that deal fell through.  The buyer for David and Van's house turned out to be a complete fake, but at least we have a nice picture of Merle and Emily's backsides!!

Aside from catching up, we went to "see" the production of the Prairie Home Companion with Garrison Keillor and special guest James Taylor at Tanglewood in the Berkshires.  It was basically a picnic while we listened to a radio show being taped with a live audience.
Group pic!
The lady next to us took two pics and I couldn't decide which to use.  I think the lower one is more serious.  Give Eli a pitchfork and he's a shoe in for American Gothic.
We've changed a little since the last visit.
While there, games were played.
And played.
(amazingly, the act of chewing is caught in this image.)
And then we took a picture of ourselves,
Check out that natural MW smile!!
And it drizzled and two rainbows came out,
and we all lived happily ever after....
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