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Visit to Annapolis, MD, site of US Naval Academy.


While in Maryland for Eric and Jill's wedding, we visited this famous academy.


First, a quick bite at a local diner.  Will someone get off the cell phone already???

My mom before getting on the boat.
We start out slowly.  Note the hair still in relatively normal position.
But go a little faster and watch out!!
My mom is a member of a group called the Red Hat Club.  While on this boat tour, we happened to run into the Maryland chapter of Red Hats on an outing.  My mom spoke Red Hat to them.  They all had a wonderful time.
We followed the boat tour with a land tour on a bus.  The tourguide was either deaf or snooty (I'm going with the latter), as when someone asked a question, he just ignored them and kept right on with his spiel.  I thought it might be good if we stopped by a clinic on the tour so this driver could have the broomstick removed.
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