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Part II:  Anchorage to Whittier
A few houses from our B&B, there is a guy who has a reindeer as a pet.  Supposedly, the reindeer is taken out for a walk around town, like a dog, according to our hosts at the Wildflower Inn.
Merle wanted to check out this bear, but probably wouldn't want to get much closer to the real thing. 
Aunt Gloria didn't want to be in the picture,
so I pretended she was.
Zack and Lydia.

For the trip from Anchorage to Whittier, which is where we meet the ship, we took a 3 hr "comedy" tour (note the quotes), which was actually fairly informative.


We stopped at a wildlife preserve, where they keep wayward and orphaned animals, and let visitors like us get a better look.


If you look carefully, you might see a bear in a tree,

or a caribou fighting a tree,
or not fighting a tree,
or ask the neighborhood moose if he knows where the lodge is
(he didn't).
You never know what other wildlife you'll see
(not us, silly! look at the bears waving in the pond behind us!!).
Apparently, people love posing in front of caribou.
Aunt Gloria and Andrew.
Uncle Arthur.
One of our first real glacier sightings (not like they scurry away) was on the way to Whittier, the Portage Glacier, which is somewhere in the whiteness of the background.
At the portage visitor center, we visit a bear with six pack abs.
Andrew shown here thinking, "come on, take the picture already..."
One way to get close to a moose is to do it to one made of metal.
While most people think AK is the abbreviation for Alaska, we know that really is stands for
Arthur Kahn (Uncle A).
Nice moosey, moosey.
Although not normally accident prone, Emily manages to get bitten by a metal moose.
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