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Glacier Bay, a water inlet 65 miles long, is a long way from modern civilization, and a place of spectacular beauty.

The ship spent a few hours at the Margerie and Grand Pacific glaciers.  These rivers of ice have different appearances. 


Cutting through more granite, the Margerie glacier has a whiter appearance, but picks up debris at the margins. 


The Grand Pacific glacier goes through softer rock formations, picking up lots of rocks and dirt, like the muddy Mississppi River...except a lot colder and way slower, but still looks dirty.

Merle points out that we are getting closer.
Another view.
Since our ship was quite a ways away from the glacier, it was hard to keep things in perspective, but through the binoculars, another point of reference could be seen...a person in a kayak.
With zooming in a little. 
With the telephoto function of my digital camera, this is as close as we could see this glacier.
Glaciers can sure make you hungry, so we do what people do best on a cruise:  EAT!!
Even a seagull flies by the ship looking for some leftovers.
Further down is the Lamplugh Glacier, pictured behind me.
 Some cool views.
Aunt Gloria
We saw some significant icebergs, but never came close to having a Titanic moment.
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