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Visit to Sacramento, CA, Oct 14-16, 2022, for Lori's 60th Birthday Bash.

We got direct flights from Atlanta to Sacramento, so driving to the airport, I kept Merle happy by maintaining cell connection so she could watch her Korean dramas, and stopping in Columbus for Korean BBQ.
LoriBD 1014 driving to ATL.JPG
LoriBD 1014 driving to ATL Korean bbq.JPG
Sat am, 10/15, I had a chance to visit with bros from back in the day, Ben and Bob.  Instead of talking about hip joints, we talked about hip joints.
LoriBD 1015 Ben and Bob.JPG
Lori's affair was at the Effie Yeaw Nature Center, where Lori's friends and family co-mingled to share Lori stories.  Lori's daughter Emily had asked everyone to make a video which Alexis and I are here watching.   (For the actual video, here's a link:
  Merle and my part begins at 8:27)
LoriBD 1015 party me and Alexis watching video.JPG
Congrats to Lori, you are one year old!!
LoriBD 1015 party lori blows out candle.JPG
Before dinner, we saw an art exhibition, where here Merle looks at art, and Lori looks at Art.
LoriBD 1015 Blue Line, TM looks at art and Lori looks at Art.JPG
The sibs and Len and Merle.
LoriBD 1015 Blue line sib group.JPG
That evening, we met up at a place called The Yard House, which though noisy, had plenty of big screen TV's so that those who wanted to tune in could see the Padres defeat the Dodgers.
LoriBD 1015 gp at Yard House table pic.JPG
LoriBD 1015 Lori showing BD cake slice.JPG
Sunday am 10/16, the family gathered at Lori's where first, we took a minute from brunch prep for a quick pic.
LoriBD 1016 prepping for brunch.JPG
After eating, we took advantage of the timer function on the camera for a group shot. 
Even Buster is smiling  (who's a gooo boy!!!)
LoriBD 1016 brunch group w Buster.JPG
Sunday afternoon, we went horseback riding, and despite my initial reaction, it was more like horses going for a walk, and we happened to be on their backs.
LoriBD 1016 horseback before MW open mouth.JPG
LoriBD 1016 horseback after.JPG
After realizing our only job was to sit, we took a more composed group pic.
So, happy 60th Lori, and just remember, the first 60 are the hardest.


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