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Visit to Southern CA, Orange County, for wedding of Emily and Kyle, 7/6-7/10/22

We arrived Wed, 7/6, spent the night with our Aunt Gloria, visited in the morning, and then met Marta and Sue from Harbor/UCLA days to get all the latest poop on the big names from back in the day
7 07 El Segundo.JPG
7 07 Halo Halo.JPG
While in a city with an Asian store, Merle wanted to stop to get some things we don't have in Albany.  She also had a great urge for a Filipino dessert that she hasn't had for years:  Halo halo.

A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.
After eating, and eating, we went...where else?...To eat!!  Here we visit with Salomon and Paula
7 07 Paula and Salomon.JPG
Friday am, 7/8, we picked up Lori and Emily from the airport and went on a hike in the OC on the CA coast. 
7 08 hiking w TM.JPG
We had beautiful weather and views, but something about hiking apparently gives us an unexplainable urge to wish others peace.  Or count to two.
7 08 hiking w Lori Em TM.JPG
Friday evening was the rehearsal dinner.  Here we are with cousins Terry, Chagit, and the star of the show, Emily.
7 08 rehearsal dinner before food.JPG
They had ice cream there.
I am so busted.

7 08 rehearsal dinner ice cream.JPG
On 7/9, day of wedding, we invited other family members from LA and San Diego to meet us in Irvine and apparently we drew quite a crowd!!
7 09 cheesecake inside.JPG
7 09 cheesecake outside.JPG
Finally...the wedding!
Em and Kyle wedding program.JPG
Before seating.  Check that view!!
7 09 gp before seating at wedding.JPG
7 09 gp before the wedding.JPG
They did it!

Here, Kyle shows how he'll say hi to Emily every day when he gets home from work for the next several decades.
7 09 E and K.JPG
7 09 sibs at sunset.JPG
I shared with them something they could use if their marriage ever got boring.
7 09 Em and K w bubble gum.JPG
Beautiful wedding, weather, peeps, food, the whole nine.

Thanks for having us!

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