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Visit to Providence Canyon State Park, Lumkin, GA (also know as the Little Grand Canyon) 5/24/20

I was invited along with Merle's Filipino nurse friends to go hiking, for a little excursion to get out of town for a minute, though you can't tell we actually did proper social distancing.
mini grand 1.JPG
Photo bombed!
mini grand 2.JPG
mini grand 3.JPG
mini grand 5.JPG
mini grand 4.JPG
Afterwards they were starving and wanted Five Guys, so back in Albany, we got the hamburgers and with our order, since they probably throw away the extras until the next brave masked soul would walk into their restaurant, they gave us a whole bag of french fries. 
Woo hoo!  Carb heaven!!
Now...time for a nap.         :)
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