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Medical School Reunion, UCLA School of Medicine

(before it was the David Geffen School of Medicine)

Class of '86, May 20-23, 2011

*apologies to anyone in L.A. I didn't have the chance to see..., and Merle didn't come along for this trip.
Had a chance to catch up with Prachit at Jerry's Deli in Marina Del Rey.  They certainly have better Reuben sandwiches (samiches?) there than in Albany.
I had a chance also to hang out with Lisa A., here posing for the pic taken by the camera's timer.
After hanging out in Pacific Palisades for a little while, we picked up her daughter Wednesday, and helped nourish this young lassie by stopping at the taco truck.
Afterward, I had a chance to catch up with classmates Jon Zirn (JZ) and The Yig, at their hotel, the Fairmont in Santa Monica.  Everyone looked older except for The Yig.
Had a chance the next day to visit with my dear mom, and we celebrated by both wearing blue shirts. 
I got to skip the butterfly requirement.
While waiting for the dinner rendezvous on Saturday, I walked along the bluffs on Ocean Avenue in Santa Monica.  Here with the SM Pier in the distant background, you can see that I was too distracted to even remove my own earphones.

We had our own reunion at dinner Saturday night dinner at Katsuya in Brentwood, a very trendy restaurant (we saw Christian Slater outside!!), that previously was a divey bar named Mom's...back in the day.

From the left, Ken "Max" Sachs, with gf Heather, David Sones (about to be swallowed by the giant lips), JZ, me, and The Yig.

The next day, for the actual UCLA Med School reunion, I arrived a little early to walk around the campus and reminsce a bit about the older days when I attended as an undergrad.  On the left, I'm in front of Royce Hall, a UCLA landmark building, and on the right, I'm in the classroom where they taught inorganic chemistry (i.e, weed out the pre-med wannabes), with the same periodic table up on the wall.  The place, hadn't changed a bit. 
Somehow, I felt mysteriously like a P.O.W. going back to Vietnam....
Here at the reunion, from the left, Eda van Dyk, Yigal (now Sam) Litvin, David (Bozomo) Sones, me, JZ, Evelyn Erickson, and Jim Gebhard.
From left, Gregory Yu, Evelyn, Eda, Jon, Susan Ballagh, Jim G., and me.
Before heading back to the Valley, met up with Marta and Sue for some Persian food...before going off to have another meal with my aunt and uncle.
Then Monday am, back to bidness in Albany. 
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