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Thanksgiving '09:  So. Cal...Here We Come!

After arriving at LAX, the first stop is the O.C. to visit with Paula.  We made it from LAX to Laguna in a record 2 hrs!, had a quick din din, then saw a play called Spring Awakenings, a musical with a definite dark side. 


We spent the night at Paula's and had a chance to enjoy the view from her balcony in the am.  The picture somehow came out a little blurred (those darned timers!) but what a pretty day!!

Merle checks out the swing on Paula's balcony.
We stop by to see Jacqui, Paula and Bud's daughter, catching her in the midst of making stuffing for her Thanksgiving dinner.
Smelled so good, I couldn't keep my tongue in my mouth!
Next stop was to see Bud who lives in Newport Beach with his fiancee Carla and killer dog Rambo.  Also, Jules and Corky dropped by.
We were then off from the O.C. to the Valley where we met my Mom and continued north to Valencia where, as the designated surgeon, I carved the turkey.
More time for socializing and hors d'oeuvres prior to the meal.
Next day had a chance to catch up with long time friend Kenny Jacobs whom I have known since Portola Junior High School.
Friday afternoon, we were off to see Aunt Gloria and Uncle Arthur and other family and friends for the Thanksgiving part II (supposed to be leftovers but was quite a meal)!
The Manos clan.
Here, Merle and I pose with people who are thinking about other things besides being in a picture.
After dinner, we went to see a play where as part of the admission price, they served...more dinner!!
Next day, as I hung out with my mom, we visited Costco.  No better time for a self portrait!
Sat night, we had dinner with Katie, her dad Marc, and my stepmother Mollie.  We wound up talking until late, but still didn't manage to solve the world's problems...darn!
then, back to Georgia to get readjusted to the Eastern time zone....
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